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Scanteak: What’s in a mattress?

While shopping for a mattress, it’s probably good to find out what material it is made of, as you will be sleeping on that material for more than eight hours a day. There is a multitude of different mattresses available in the market today, and each uses different materials and components in their design.

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5 Ways to Make your Video Conference Presentable

So, you’re now working from home and often find yourself stuck in multiple video conferences which have replaced your daily meetings. However, video conferencing might prove to be a pain when you’re trying to maintain a professional image. Your cat steps on your keyboard and your kid screams in the background. Not to mention the recurring connectivity issues and you can’t seem to hear anybody clearly when they’re speaking. Well, don’t fret as we’re here to give you some tips on how to video conference like a pro! Keep reading to find out more.

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All About Finding the Write One (Writing table Edit)

Working from home and in need of a writing table? We've got you.While you're lost for choice, we have compiled a nifty little guide introducing our writing tables to assist you in your conquest for the write (right) one! Read on to learn more!

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