Frequently Asked Questions


    Do you custom-make furniture?

    Sorry, we do not provide made-to-order services.

    Can you make a similar design in a different size or colour?

    Unless the size is already available, we do not provide such a service. 
    All available sizes of each design are listed on our catalogue page. The colour of our products are standard.

    Do you provide re-upholstery services?

    Sorry, we do not.

    What are your showroom opening hours?

    Please visit our showroom page for addresses, contact numbers and opening hours.

    What are your office hours?

    Our main office at Sungei Kadut is open Mondays to Fridays, 8.30am to 5.30pm. The main office is also closed on Public Holidays.

    What time do your customer service lines open?

    Our customer service support chat (accessible via our website) operates 9am - 5pm (GMT+8), Mondays - Fridays (except public holidays). 

    What time does your warehouse open?

    Our warehouse is open Mondays to Saturdays:
    10am to 11.45am
    1.15pm to 2.45pm
    The warehouse is also closed on Public Holidays.

    Do you handle trade-ins or buying back of furniture previously purchased from Scanteak?

    No, we don’t.

    Do you ship overseas?

    We're currently only able to ship to addresses in Singapore. For overseas addresses, please provide us the 


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      What type of wood is your furniture made of?

      At Scanteak, we use mostly Teak Wood. Other types of wood that you may come across while exploring our collections are ply and teak veneer. We do not use MDF chipboard in our products.
      Every item’s design and functionality affects the material used in creating every piece, and hence some items may be made using a combination of solid teak and ply. Others, with simpler designs and functionality (such as dining tables or chairs), are easily achieved using solid teak wood.
      An item's overall weight, affordability, intended use, and even customers' feedback are also factors that are taken into consideration in the production of each piece.

      What is ply, and how is it different from chipboard?

      Here is a useful article that explains the differences.

      Why does Scanteak have plywood items?

      In our years of operations, we have received feedback from customers who wish for furniture pieces that last longer than MDF chipboard furniture, but remain at a price point that’s not too far off. Such customers commonly purchase for rental houses, or for their children, with the intention to replace the item several years later. Such customers, while seeking teak material, are not yet looking for solid teak pieces. Our teak ply and veneer range was created as demand for such items grew.

      Where does your Teak Wood come from?

      Our furniture is made of Teak Wood grown in plantations in Java, Indonesia, where the number of trees felled per year is strictly monitored by the Indonesian government. In adhering to such regulations, our factories are certified by the Rainforest Alliance and the SVLK.
      More information can be found on our teak articles

      Where can I see your products on display?

      Products can be seen at any of our showrooms. Designer collections can only be viewed at select showrooms; we recommend calling your preferred showroom before making a trip down.

      How can I find out if a particular item is in stock?

      Please contact any of our showrooms, or contact us via chatbox/Facebook.

      Do all your products only come in one colour?

      Yes, although shades may differ very slightly due to the natural colouring of the Teak Wood used.
      Sofa cushions and covers can be made in different colours, but require a 120-day lead time. Fabric samples are available at any of our showrooms.

      Can you stain my purchased item to a darker colour?

      No, as we do not provide customization services. 

      I would like to request for two pieces with identical markings and patterns.

      As Teak Wood is a natural material, no two pieces are alike. The rings, grains and patterns of a tree are all different, just like how humans have different fingerprints.

      How do I maintain my Teak furniture piece?

      We have prepared some general tips for caring for your Teak furniture here.
      You can also view our product care guide for more details.

      For shelves and chest of drawers, it is recommended to place heavier items on lower shelves/drawers, and to avoid opening all (or more than two) drawers at the same time due to a shift in center of gravity which may cause chests of drawers to fall forward.

      For homes with children, please take care to ensure that children do not climb on furniture, including (but not limited to) shelves/chests of drawers.

      How do I maintain my cushion covers?

      Most of our cushion covers can be Dry Cleaned and Machine/hand Washed (water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees Celsius). Dry cleaning solvent should not contain trichloroethylene. Please do not Bleach or Tumble Dry them, as this can lead to discolouration or shrinking. For ironing, please use low heat.

      Please note that these instructions do not apply to cushion covers from the Holm Designer range (for the 2015 edition only), which should be wiped down with a damp cloth and dried in the sun.

      You can also view our product care guide for more details.

      Do you sell cushions and covers for old sofa models?

      Yes, we do, albeit for limited models. Due to the evolution of sofa structures, we would recommend that you bring a sample of your existing cushion cover to your nearest showroom so that our sales staff may better advise you.

      What density are your sofa cushions?

      Most of our sofa cushions are of 31kg/cbm density. We regret to inform that we do not handle customization of cushion densities.



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      I can’t view your Promotions page.

      The promotion may have expired. If there is a product you are interested in, please feel free to contact any of our showrooms.

      When is your next promotion?

      Depending on the nature of the promotion, it may be announced any time between 1 day to a week in advance. To stay updated on promotions, you can like our Facebook page, or subscribe to our mailing list.

      Do your prices include GST?

      Yes, all prices reflected online or at our showrooms are inclusive of prevailing GST.

      I bought something yesterday, and it’s on promotion today. Can I get a refund for the difference in amount?

      Yes, however such refunds may only be given in the form of Product Vouchers. More about refunds can be found in our Terms of Sale page.

      Are there any hidden costs?


      Delivery rates stated are correct as of 1 Apr 2022.

      We want to be completely transparent with what you’re paying for. Here’s a summary of additional costs that may be incurred:

      • Delivery charges
        Standard Furniture Delivery charges will apply to all orders below S$2,000, and are charged per trip per address, at S$60 (Weekdays) / S$80 (Saturdays). Orders above $2,000 can be delivered for free. 

        We regret to inform that we are unable to cater to CONDOMINIUM DELIVERIES on Saturdays, due to the tight time window that condominium estate managements impose on large-item delivery service providers.

        Items delivered via our Standard Furniture Delivery will be assembled at no additional charge. Please also note that delivery charges are non-refundable.

        Deliveries to special areas (including but not limited to Sentosa, air bases and SAF camps) will incur an additional S$20 per trip. This surcharge will be collected on-site, upon delivery.

        Small-sized furniture items that do not require assembly services can be delivered via our courier partners. Small-sized furniture items are limited to stools, small display stands, casual side tables and butler trays only. 

        All available delivery charges for online orders will be automatically tallied based on your cart items. 

      • Assembly services
        Some items come flat-packed/knocked-down, and need to be assembled. For items that are collected from our warehouse (cash & carry / self-collection), these items can be assembled for you at S$30 per item. Assembly charges are waived with all Standard Furniture Deliveries.

      • Manpower / Staircase charges
        Some items may be required to be delivered to higher floors, without available elevators. In such cases, additional manpower fees will be collected on-site, at S$12 per item per floor, starting from the 3rd floor. Kindly note that manpower fees for bed frames and wardrobes are S$15 and S$20 per item per floor, respectively.

      • Failed deliveries
        A re-delivery may be required in the case of failed deliveries. In such cases, standard delivery charges (non-waivable) will be applied for re-deliveries. Please refer to our Terms of Sale for more information about failed deliveries.

      • Re-stocking
        Re-stocking fees (non-waivable) are applicable for returns of normal, non-defective goods and/or failed deliveries:
          • For purchase amounts up to S$500, 10% of purchase amount.
          • For purchase amounts above S$500, 10% of purchase amount, capped at $100

      • Storage
        Additional charges will be applicable after 6 calendar months from the date of your order:
        1. For the 7th month - S$50, or 10% of the total sales order amount (whichever is higher).
        2. From the 8th month onward - S$50, or 10% of the total sales order amount (whichever is higher), per week.

      • Servicing & additional transportation
        Servicing charges will be quoted upon review, and is largely dependent on the amount of work required to service/refurbish your item. Standard delivery charges are applicable if transportation is required to perform such services.

      • Admin charges
        A 1% admin fee is applicable to balance payments (for outstanding orders) made online, or for phone/email orders. The 1% is based on the balance payment amount.
        For cash refunds, a bank and administrative charge of up to 10% of the original refund amount will be applied. Refer to our Terms of Use page for more information about refunds.


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      What modes of payment are accepted at your showrooms?

      Our showrooms accept all major credit/debit cards - NETS, PAYNOW, VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX.
      Our showrooms are currently able to accept installment payments by UOB cards.
      Installment payment methods are also accepted online via Atome.
      We regret that installment payments are not available at Isetan Scotts.

      Can I call your showrooms to make a phone order?

      Yes, but please note however that the new outstanding balance amount on your order will have to be paid in full online (with an additional 1% administration charge), or at any showroom 7 working days before your scheduled delivery date. As full (100%) payment needs to be received before making delivery arrangements, kindly note that orders that have not been paid for in full will not be processed for deliveries.

      Can I make a partial payment before my items are delivered?

      No. All payments must be made in full (100%) before delivery arrangements can be made.

      Do I have to go to your showrooms to make a payment for an order placed by phone?

      Yes, payment is collected at any of our showrooms, or online. To make a payment online, please contact any of our showrooms so that a secure payment link may be sent to your email address. Please note however that balance payments made online will incur an additional 1% (of the balance payment amount) as administration charges. Do note that this additional 1% only applies to new orders (without any outstanding deliveries) made at the showrooms.

      Do note however that this does not apply to phone orders placed with Isetan showrooms.

      I have made a purchase, but I would like to cancel my order/one of my items. Can I get a refund?

      Yes, however please note that cancellation requests must be made within three days of your order. For more about cancellations, please refer to our terms of use here. Any changes to items ordered must be made at least 4 days prior to your scheduled delivery date.

      Do your items come with a warranty?

      Yes, all items purchased from Scanteak come with a 6-month manufacturing warranty, which covers manufacturing defects. Differing wood grain patterns or shades are a natural occurrence in wood materials, and are not considered as defects. Damages sustained from usage are not covered. Please note that moving an item to another delivery address, installation of locks on drawers or drilling of extra holes voids this warranty.



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      Do you ship overseas?

      We're currently only able to deliver to addresses in Singapore. 

        What is your delivery lead time?

        In-stock items can be delivered in 5 - 14 working days, subject to available delivery slots and item stock. Online orders will automatically be scheduled for the earliest available date at the time of your order. If you have a preferred delivery date, you can let us know via the comments field during the check-out process. Kindly note however, that specifying a preferred delivery slot does not mean a slot is automatically reserved for your order. All deliveries are subject to the availability of delivery slots on any given date.
        Orders of additional cushions and/or cushion covers will require 120 days lead time, as these are made to order.

        How much are your delivery charges?

        For more details, refer to our summary of applicable costs.

        I have indicated a preferred date for my upcoming delivery. Can I choose a time for my delivery?

        To ensure that all customers will be able to receive their purchases on a date of their choice, please allow our customer service officers to contact you via SMS 5 working days before your delivery to advise a delivery time window. As such, we seek your understanding that our sales staff are not able to commit any delivery timing at the point of your purchase.

        Can I change my delivery date/time?

        As delivery routes and timings are confirmed as early as three to five days in advance, please contact our support via the chat function on our website at least 6 working days before your original delivery date should you require any changes to your delivery schedule.

        So that all customers may receive their purchases on the date of their choice, Scanteak reserves the right to decline any last minute requests for change of delivery timings. Kindly note that during peak seasons, delivery timings may not be as flexible due to the high volume of deliveries.

        Can I cash & carry from your showroom?

        Some smaller items are available for cash and carry at our showrooms. Due to space limitations at the showrooms, available stocks for cash and carry are limited. Everything else, however, will need to be delivered or self-collected from our warehouse at Sungei Kadut. Please note that our warehouse is open from 10am - 11.45am and 1.15pm - 2.45pm daily, and is closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.
        Assembly services for flat-packed/knocked-down items are chargeable at S$30 per item regardless of item size.

        Why is my delivery late?

        Due to unforeseen circumstances such as traffic conditions, vehicle breakdowns, bad weather, or additional requests at another customer’s home, our delivery team may be slightly held up. Hang tight, and please bear with us. While our delivery teams are constantly striving for punctuality, we also hope for their safety on the roads.

        I have an item from Scanteak; can you dismantle it and move it to another location?

        Sorry, we do not provide such services.

        Do you do disposal of furniture?

        Sorry, we do not provide such services.

        What should I do if I discover a manufacturing defect on my delivered item?

        Please feel free to provide us with more details via our Live Chat. Click here for a list of details that you will need to provide.

        One of my furniture pieces needs to be repaired. Do you provide such services?

        Yes, we do. Please note that depending on the validity of the warranty, charges for transport and servicing may be incurred. Using our Live Chat window, please provide us pictures for reference, along with your sales order number, or telephone number provided at the time of your purchase. Please also leave us your email address so that we may create a service ticket for correspondence with you. We seek your understanding that we only provide repair services for furniture purchased from Scanteak, and reserve the right to refuse services for furniture that has been deemed to be purchased from other furniture retailers.



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        What can I get out of becoming a Scanteak Privilege member?

        Members’ benefits are available for viewing here.

        When will my membership be activated?

        Your membership will be activated on the next working day after your order has been processed. 

        How can I check on the status of my Scanteak Privilege membership?

        To check on the status of your Scanteak Privilege Membership, please contact any of our showrooms. You can also contact us via our Live Chat.

        More information about Membership renewals and upgrades can be found here.


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        CONTACT US

        Who do I call for sales enquiries?

        Please feel free to contact any of our showrooms.

        How do I get in touch with Customer Service?

        Please use our Live Chat function to get in touch with us.

        For changes to your order (items/delivery date), please contact the showroom at which your order was placed. 

        If you have pictures that you need to attach (for repair services), please upload pictures to our Live Chat, quoting your Sales Order number.

        For further information regarding our contact points, please refer to our notice here.



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