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Doomsday Prepping Tips (For your CB Hoarding)

Frustrated over a cluttered house from from all that CB hoarding? Well fret no more, cleaning up can be a breeze with a little help from our doomsday prepping tips.

1) Empty out your everything
Just like how artists start with a blank canvas, start with empty drawers or an empty cabinet to reorganize efficiently. Emptying out existing contents also allow for a more thorough and comprehensive re-sorting.

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2) Declutter your mess!
Pre-loved? No longer sparks joy? Toss them out! (alternatively re-purpose them or give them new homes). Keep only what you use to avoid keeping things that will only take up precious space. If its not worthy of the precious space its taking up in your storage, it probably shouldn't be there.

3) Categorize and sort your items
Store your items by category so they they're easier to find. Sort my item type then by colour and arrange them by similar shades. The more specific you categorize your items, the easier it is to locate them when you're looking for a specific item.

4) Store your bulky items elsewhere
To maximise the space of your storage system, avoid mixing smaller items with bulkier items. Items like chunky jeans or handbags can go int he closet or under the bed in order to maximise the effectiveness of your storage system as you will then be able to fit all your smaller items together without worrying over the lack of space.

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5) Use Separators
If you're struggling with smaller items that tend to jumble up into a huge mess, use separators to keep them apart. Separators come in rows, columns and boxes. Where we recommend purchasing a few of each type to organised different sized items. Rolled up rocks fit perfectly in rows, where folded tights will fit better in boxy separators. 

7) Multipurpose storage
If you’re in the unusual position of having too much storage space, remember that your dresser doesn’t have to be reserved for clothing. You can store linens, office supplies, gift wrap, or practically anything in an empty dresser drawer.

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8. Label your drawers
Confused over the many drawers and compartments and having trouble remembering the contents? Label them! Stickers, store bought labels, or even going over masking tape with a marker works. If you find large worded labels too gaudy, try a different approach by using different coloured ribbons to go over the knobs of each drawer or different coloured stickers to differentiate between each drawer.

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