About Us


Here at Scanteak, we believe in the importance of bringing families together. A family is simply, a community of people with whom you can feel safe with. It can be a nucleus family, a significant other, tight knit friendships or simply your fur kid who has come to become more than just family.

At Scanteak, our furniture designs are inspired by how you can better experience your family at home. Our designs center not just around the “me” of self-expression, but we also consider the “We” of a home. We hope our designs will facilitate conversations, inspire celebrations or simply help people to create a safe space where they can be themselves.

Machine washable covers are so you can focus more on swirling your Bourdeux, or enjoying the pleasure on your child’s face when s/he sinks her/his teeth into butterscotch ice-cream, rather than fussing over the maintenance of your couch. Our designers go beyond considering just aesthetics when they design a piece of furniture; they also consider factors that can help in creating a functional home space – such as maintenance, space saving features, quality etc.

Our designs are also inspired by the greater home we call Earth. Each of our designs ensure that we are able to maximise the usage of every single wooden log, so that no materials are wasted and thrown. All our teak wood is sourced from suppliers who comply with the SVLK (Indonesia's timber legality assurance system), which ensures that our wood is sustainable and responsibly harvested. To protect the health of your family, our products go through rigorous formaldehyde testing in Japan to ensure our furniture adheres to CARB (California Air Resources Board) regulations.

We take the extra step to enforce and obtain such certifications because here at Scanteak, we understand that family are the center piece of every home, and moments spent with family are precious. Furniture are simply pieces that facilitate those moments, and hence our pieces are designed to inspire family moments worldwide.

So come on in, and feel at home.

Jamie Lim
CEO, Scanteak