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Environmentally Friendly

In this day and age, everything can be minimized or salvaged if we manage it intelligently. Among the largest component of waste materials we see today, wood has been neglected by many. However, for Scanteak, our teak products for homes are made from sustainable and environmentally friendly plantations. Here at Scanteak, we are committed to being environmentally conscious in the harvesting of trees, and are constantly innovating to minimize wastage of precious teak wood.

Scanteak aids in the support of the Indonesian government to ensure that only a certain amount of logs can be legally and ethically felled each year. Each tree felled is tagged with an identification number, so that SVLK (Sistem Verificasi Legalitas Kayu) officers know how each part of the log is utilized. This ensures that even the smallest piece of teak doesn't go to waste. 


How Scanteak reuses Teak Wood

When 1 tree is felled, Scanteak uses the log to construct as many pieces of furniture as possible. While it's common to see tables, benches or sofas made of a long piece of teak wood, it's also common to see tables that are made up of smaller pieces of woods joined together. This is because we assemble the leftover teak from felled trees to build additional tables.

After all this, small fragments of teak are still left, and are used to manufacture different accessories, ranging from small side tables to key holders, teak bowls and stationery stands.

Wood shavings that aren’t enough to make into furniture are given to the local communities, which are used in the production or creation of local products - such as smoked tofu!



The SVLK-Sistem Verificasi Legalitas Kayu represents Indonesia’s timber legality assurance system that constitutes proof of legality for wood products. Since Indonesia’s teak is in much demand, harvesting teak is strictly regulated by the Indonesian government and to make sure teak plantations are sustainable. Scanteak only uses plantation teak, ergo a new tree will be planted for every one felled, which guarantees a sustainable supply of resources, and preserves the precious environment.