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Introducing our Community Series — Handmade with love.

At Scanteak, we believe in giving back to the community that has made our brand possible.

In Indonesia, where our plantations are located, there are pockets of local communities that struggle to gain employment due to lower education levels and lack of job opportunities. 

To support these local communities, our factories provide employment and training in carpentry, providing them with a source of livelihood through utilizing their acquired skills. 

This leads to our Community Series — a series of furniture made fully by hand. This collection features a range of items handmade by the local community to support them with a stable source of income.

Each and every piece is uniquely crafted by hand and will retain the beauty of being handmade, where the colour, grain, and texture variations are evident in every piece of wood - making each piece unique. The natural beauty of wood will exhibit unique grains, scars, knots, splits and fissures, much unlike perfectly polished factory pieces.