What Type of Dad are you?

Times are changing, no more days where playgrounds and parks are populated solely by moms. As a dad, it is cool to be at the park with your kid. More likely than not, you might end up sharing it with a fellow father. These are the people you will turn to for advice, support, and reassurance. Even though each dad does not share exactly the same parenting style as you, there are still some things you can learn from them.


1. The Workaholic Dad

Dad in this sector is attached to his work phone. He won’t look up to greet people unless he detects a networking opportunity, almost certainly job-related. Try to find out what he does and if you have any connections, otherwise you will never get a word in. He may not be the best to talk about work/life balance, but he sure knows how to advance a career while being a dad.


2. The Couch Potato Dad 

This type of dad tends to sit on the sofa all day, watching movies and bingeing on snacks. They have a laid back personality and would let you make all of the decisions. This Father’s Day, they are probably looking forward to some quiet and quality time in front of the TV. He will teach you how to enjoy yourself despite being in a fast-paced society.


3. The Gourmet Dad 

Dads of this group love to whip up a variety of scrumptious meals for the family from time to time.  They would probably be the chef of the house and will always bring the family out for a good meal. If you want to know where is the best place to dine at, you dad-finitely got the right dad!


Each dad has different needs for their lifestyle. For instance, the workaholic dad would need a study desk for them to do their work, while a couch potato dad would need a daybed whilst a gourmet would need a dining table. This Father’s Day give your dad a reason to buy himself new furniture by gifting him a voucher! Scanteak is currently selling Father’s Day vouchers from now till 16 June 2019 at our online store!