How we’d unwind after a long week of toiling at work



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Sometimes, we just need to wind down & recharge after a long week’s worth of work. Nothing feels better than being able to longue in the comforts of your own bed, or recline in the coziness of a day bed. Here’s how we like to spend our weekends!





We really love just lazing in bed on our weekends, and what better way than to put on a movie or rent one from iTunes?

One of our favourites is Forrest Gump! This classic romantic-comedy-drama film featuring Tom Hanks is definitely a go-to if you’re looking for something to give you a restful mind. With a childlike mind of his, he did not let the cynicism of the world rob him of his faith and trust. Journey with Tom Hanks through this story through love, war, and belief.




Who says we gotta get up in order to pick up a new skill? Well, we believe that with the help of technology, you too can learn a new skill even in the comforts of your own home!

From cross stitching to learning a new instrument, picking up a new skill no longer requires us to have an instructor physically in front of us! Just hop onto YouTube and search or a simple Guitar or Ukelele tutorial, & you’re bound to be occupied for the next couple of hours jamming to new tunes!

Our personal favourite includes MIKA’s Relax, Take it Easy as we give it an acoustic spin. You can even consider some classics like Somewhere Over the Rainbow & Moon River which are easy for beginners to pick up too!


Of course, what is easier than just chilling in bed with some magazines, a cuppa & some good books.

Indulge between your sheets, and bury your head in piles or magazines and books. For something light and quirky, we would like to share with you one our favourites – Frankie Magazine!

Frankie is not just another lifestyle magazine, but it has some very amazing creative content ranging from interior designing, fashion, photography & craft tips as well! All of that with a hint of vintage, perfect for a lazy day in bed.



If you are not sure what’s a good read, or if you simply want a new book to read, we recommend Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman.

Author of the classic, To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee beautifully writes on the life of the individuals years after. Jean Louise Finch – “Scout” – returns home to visit her father, Attitcus. A story of self-discovery, guided by her conscience, Go Set a Watchman is definitely one which intrigues and adds depth to the Kill a Mockingbird.


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Have a restful weekend ahead everyone!