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Posted on November 21 2018


With Black Friday on the horizon, shoppers all over the world are beginning to scramble for the best deals. Black Friday's origins started as a casual name for the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, the fourth Thursday of November, which has been highly regarded as the start of the country's Christmas shopping season since 1952!  

Although this annual shopping holiday originated in the United States, it has become more popular in Singapore over the years. This Thursday, Scanteak’s bringing you exclusive Black Friday deals to ring in the holidays!

Use promo code “22OFF” to enjoy 22% off accessories online! Promotion is valid from 22 November 2018 (1000) - 29 November 2018 (2359)Here are the top 5 picks you might want to purchase before stocks run out! Fastest Fingers first!

  1. Teak Stool - Convenience wherever you go. Pack it along on a picnic, and chill under the sun. No space at home? Fret not, just fold up the stool to save some space!

  1. Throw Cushions - An essential when lepaking on your sofas or beds. Sweater weather + throw cushions, coupled with some hot tea to chill during the weekends! 

      1. Luggage Organizers -  Available in small, medium or large, they’re perfect for storing toiletries or knick-knacks. If you’re going on a holiday soon, our luggage organizers will be your no.1 travel hack!

      1.  Teak TrayServe food and teas to your visitors and (subtly) amaze them with our Instagram-worthy tray!

      1. Clocks - Don’t just live in the past, look forward with us. Get this clock, while it’s still in stock! Available in both landscape and portrait.

    Eyeing our accessories for an extra-special touch to your home? Head over to to find out more on the other Black Friday promotions!