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The devil’s in the details, they say, and it’s very true. Here are a few subtle ways our products are made with your family in mind.

Formaldehyde testing

Formaldehyde is a colourless gas with a powerful odour - but unlike your furry friend’s gas emissions, this stuff can actually cause eye, throat, nose, or even skin irritations, especially in excessive amounts. It can be found in laundry/dish detergents, hair treatment products, nail products, pressed-wood products, such as MDF chipboard (or particleboard), plywood (commonly used in kitchen cabinetry), glues, adhesives, and even paper product coatings.

Many products we consume in our day-to-day lives contain traces of formaldehyde, which is why we believe all consumer products should, in good conscience, test all products for formaldehyde levels.

Adhesives and varnishes used in the manufacture of Scanteak’s products have undergone stringent tests in Japan, to ensure that our products are safe for your kids, your fur-kids, and of course, you.

All our products have been safe-tested for VOCs and formaldehyde, and in our constant efforts to reduce exposing our customers and staff to such compounds, we are constantly submitting our materials for re-tests in order to maintain safety standards.


Spills and stains

Teak wood is very easy to maintain, thanks to its naturally high oil content and it’s natural resistance to rain and shine. To protect teak furniture from daily damages, items required can be as simple as a tablecloth or a good coaster to prevent burn marks. (Yes, you’ll need thick foam coasters to protect your tabletop from self-heating hotpot instant meals!) We don’t recommend placing a layer of plastic or glass on tabletops, as this can trap excess moisture, which can affect your teak product.

You also won’t have to panic every time guests spill their drinks on your sofa, or when kids (or fur-kids) have ‘accidents’ on the bed - all Scanteak’s sofa upholstery is made of machine-washable woven fabric, and so are our Germany-made mattress covers!  

Kiln dried for a month

The process of kiln drying is, basically, heating a log in a furnace until it dries out completely. This is an important part in woodworks, as furniture that has been completely dried is less likely to warp and crack after it’s made into furniture. This also kills insects that may have made their home in the tree trunk prior to harvesting. Kiln drying takes an especially long time, simply because a tree is so huge. This can be further delayed due to humidity and wet weather.


Repairs and replacements

Wood is one of the easiest materials to fix using simple hacks, such as rubbing the meat of a walnut on to scratches. Wood can be sanded down and revarnished when required, which means it’s easy to repair and refurbish.


Bang for your buck

There are better things in life to spend on, like bills or holidays, and we totally get it. That’s why every Scanteak product is crafted to last, starting from the durability of teak wood. Even sofas can be given a whole new look simply by purchasing additional sofa covers, so you don’t have to spend a 4-digit sum on another sofa.