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Some 40 years ago our founder began with a vision, and that has remained our purpose till today. Bare spaces, he thought, can be transformed into warm, inviting and restful environments. We believe that it is only appropriate for a person to return home to such an environment after a hard day’s work. Scanteak offers solutions to such a restful environment. Our business is founded on this principle, and it has since been our vision from the time we existed, although with strategic variations through the years to correspond with consumer demands and needs.




Scanteak produces quality teak furnishings of timeless beauty. We are introducing Scandinavian furniture in Singapore which offers simplicity and unclutteredness. The end product is functional, appealing and durable - a favorable partner in creating a warm, inviting and restful environment.

Scanteak is experienced as “warm and friendly”, in the words of many who come in contact with us. Scanteak customers, who appreciate teak quality and beauty, see us as a reliable supplier of quality teak furniture.




The current Knowledge-based Economy has left many people cluttered with information, and, gasping. As such, our founding vision, to transform bare space into a warm, restful and inviting environment, is even more relevant today. We believe that our value proposition, the purpose and function for which we exist, will support our long term growth because the warm, inviting and restful home will remain a perennial demand and need, which will only increase independent of economic changes.

People have different notions of a warm, inviting and restful home, depending on the Individual's design preferences and practical requirements.

Scanteak offers durable, practical home solutions in designs in contemporary shapes and forms that will never go out of trend. While mostly created for indoor use, our furniture portfolio comprises of 3 main appeals, each corresponding to a distinct market requirement:

1. Lifestyle Collection

The Lifestyle Collection features our best-selling pieces and iconic designs, which customers can pick up at reduced prices from time to time. Products in the Lifestyle Collection can be made of Solid Teak, plywood or both, so that our customers can enjoy natural teak wood at comfortable prices.

2. Scanteak Select

Scanteak Select is an exclusive range comprising of new arrivals, as well as limited edition designs that are hand-picked by our designers. Most items in the Scanteak Select collection are made completely from Solid Teak

3. Designer Range

Our Designer Range is a series of collaborations with award-winning local designers, because we believe that designer products can also be sold at prices within reach. Some of these pieces have won prestigious Design awards, such as the Good Design Mark in Singapore and Japan, as well as the Singapore President's Design Award.

Scanteak’s products feature varnished teak, each piece boasting beautiful, natural grains and exuding a signature golden brown glow, which distinguishes teak from other timbers. With low VOC treatments, one gets to appreciate the gentle and refreshing aroma that teak emanates, creating the natural and refreshing ambience of the great outdoors. It is not commonly known that teak grows richer in colour and releases oils through the years, giving the furniture a natural glossy surface. Many consumers have likened it to having a mini natural habitat in the haven of one’s home.

In recent years, the market demand for contemporary home furnishing leans toward simple and uncluttered shapes. Furniture designs that are simple in form, such as those inspired by minimalist or Scandinavian ideology, are therefore a viable option for consumers. Scanteak, given its Scandinavian outlook, evident in our products, is naturally a timely response to this consumer trend. What differentiates us from the ‘clutter’ of contemporary furniture brands is that our teak products - derived from and coupled with the principles of Scandinavian designs – are simple and practical, allowing you the time to pay attention to the things that really matter.




Products by themselves cannot create a home; they can only create the environment, which is doubtless, an important aspect. It is essentially people who make up a home. Our brand mission is therefore implemented through two key focuses: product and people.

Our Product Development planners continually discern consumer trends to understand their needs and what appeals to them that they might regard as a homely environment. Designs are firmly grounded on both aesthetic and functional principles. The ‘warm, inviting and restful environment’ is experienced first-hand at the point of contact with our customers. Our customer service staff and retail environment are integrated to provide such an environment to our customers, who in turn - we hope - would carry that experience to their homes.

Internal communications are established to facilitate a homely environment within our corporate life, and the most effective of all is the direct, sincere and unassuming person-to-person approach. Given that our branding strategy adopts the ‘inside-out’ method, all our external communications would flow from our inner, corporate life.




There is a bigger context of ‘home.’ There is the communal home: Our society. Scanteak has the somewhat noble interest to promote values revolving humanity, such as ethos that serves people-oriented ends. Over the years, we have been involved in community activities such as the Lena Mara ‘Life Can Be Good’ concerts, community services to the aged, promoting Aids awareness to the young, and organizing ‘A Tribute to My Home,’ a joint-event with Nanyang Polytechnic to encourage students to be in conversation with their parents and enjoy more family bonding times. We see society at large as a macro family, a bigger home to each smaller home.