Scanteak Care - Your extended teak warranty


Scanteak is happy to offer our customers the option of purchasing Scanteak Care, an extended teak warranty programme for a greater peace of mind. Covering more than just manufacturing defects, Scanteak Care extends your teak warranty to accidental damages, which also covers the most common oopsies like scratches, heat rings and water marks!

On top of our Standard Manufacturing Warranty (6 months), Scanteak Care provides up to an additional 18 months of coverage, so that you can use your furniture without worries.

Sounds confusing? Let’s break it down:

The warranty time starts on the day of your first delivery, and will continue to run for 6 months (for standard warranties) or up to 24 months (with Scanteak Care).


How do I get Scanteak Care?:

From 1 June 2023, every new purchase entitles you to purchase Scanteak Care. At this point in time, Scanteak Care can only be purchased at our showrooms, for items that have yet to be delivered.

Scanteak Care can be purchased for items purchased at S$200 and above.
(Do note that each Scanteak Care purchased can only be used on one item, and cannot be used to cover duplicates of the same item.)


What to do when something happens to your product:

Stay calm.

If you need help with your product during the Standard Manufacturing Warranty period (first 6 months), contact our support team via the online chat function.

During the Scanteak Care warranty period (after the first 6 months), the Scanteak Care warranty team can be contacted at 6419 3084.


What Scanteak Care covers:

There are a million things that can go wrong with daily-use items, so here is a summary of what Scanteak Care can cover.

Scanteak Care Extended Warranty:

Scanteak Care Accidental Damage cover:

Scanteak Care Fabric Protection top-up:


 What Scanteak Care does NOT cover:


Where can I find out more?

Our sales consultants at any of our showrooms are happy to attend to your questions! Please feel free to contact us during our showroom opening hours.


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